I was born in 1994, so as one may expect, have only really been aware of the goings on of the world around for less than ten years or so. Yet it still shocks me every time I re-discover just how drastically the world has changed during my own life time – and I’m not just talking technology! Sure, I remember the thrill of getting our first computer, the absolute bricks we used to be so proud to call our mobiles. But I honestly had never provided much thought to how women’s rights have changed regarding societies views to sexual ‘promiscuity’. As a student I am obviously no stranger to casual sex been thrown around here there and everywhere. Girls and guys alike head out for casual sex and exchange stories over breakfast – whether they be bragging or just plain embarrassing. No one bats an eyelid to it. Yet tonight I learnt that the last of the Magdalene asylums didn’t shut down until 1996! For anyone, that like myself, was not aware of these institutions purposes, they were originally set up to ‘rehabilitate’ prostitutes. However they basically turned into slavery prisons for unmarried mothers (stripped of their children of course) and any woman suspected to be sexually promiscuous. So 17 years ago, women will still locked up for little more than what is now standard practice for Friday night antics for many young women! Christ. Women grew old and died in these asylums for behaviour that, less than two decades later, was something to laugh about with friends as hangovers are nursed. That, is rather drastic.